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🌸 Peace, Salaam, Shalom to All 🌸

Our mission is to empower counselors, and therapists to bring healing through music and joy by creating, developing, and delivering alternative, and holistic programs.

We are excited to introduce you to an enriching opportunity for personal growth. 

In this transformative journey, Manaar will lead somatic practices and harness the power of music to heal and promote well-being. 

Through this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Free yourself from emotional entanglements and invite joy into your life.

  • Release from the confines of your mind, fostering internal harmony and peaceful dialogues.

  • Awaken your creative voice, breaking free from limitations and embracing boundless expressions.

Manaar’s programs prioritize mindful presence and open communication. Each session is designed to regulate the nervous system, and to be self- empowered to solve future problems.

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Listen to Manaar Azreik 1st Song from the 

Nuraan (Light) نوراً Album

The meaning of the song Nuraan: 

Place light in my heart       Place light in my hearing

Place light in my mind       Place light in my vision

Place light in my life          Place light in my words

1 minute promotion video from the "Nuraan" Album.

The voice beneath the surface, can hold your successful future.

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Manaar is a licensed Sound Healer, from the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS, in San Francisco.

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