Meet Your Center

This book is a practical workbook meant to help people who have lost touch and turned to mind altering substances to cope with everyday reality.

Meet Your Center helps to understand the relationship between reality and addiction so that you can live a spiritual life that is in full harmony with your physical life. This book will help you overcome addiction so that you can live in peace with your past and manifest a future in which you are more in control. Meet Your Center is a starting point to living a healthy, balanced, centered life. This book holds key practices to help rediscover YOUR story and move forward so that one can avoid getting stuck in the hardships of life.

Energy Balancing and Earth Connector Practices - Free PDF

Your Connection With The Soul Of The Earth / Free Book - See Outline . . .

1. Introduction
  • Why these practices are meaningful for you?
  • Benefits of Connecting With The Soul of The Earth.
  • Empowerment work with Manaar.
2. Powerful, Positive Thoughts and Speech
  • Positive thoughts
  • Positive speech
3. Deep Breathing Quiets Your Mind
  • Breath-work for healing and awakening.
  • Breathe and enhance your mind, body and spirit connection.
4. Sharing Your Experiences and Centering Yourself
  • Sharing your life experiences
  • Being present in your body
5. Healing and Energizing Your Body 
  • Releasing toxic energy 
  • Appreciate your body
  • Nurturing your body
  • Focusing and centering your body
  • Find tuning through your voice with nature. 
6. Getting grounded
  • Body and soul connector
  • Creating heaven and earth
  • Enlivening your spirit connection

7. Enhancing Emotional Health 
  • When your body speaks, listen
  • Harmonizing your nature
  • Loving songs
  • Drumming to your own beat  
8. Soulful Healing 
  • Clearing soul energy
  • Accepting who you are
  • Forgiving yourself  
  • Re-framing your life story
  • Activating in your soul body


 9. Effective and Empowering Technique
  • Nurturing your soul
  • Releasing what doesn’t work
10. Enhancing Your Well-being
  • Absorbing sustenance
  • Connecting with your life essence