Manaar Azreik’s Book!


The Practice of Trust

Transforming Codependency, From the Pain of Separation to Finding Joy.

Manaar's Bio

Manaar Azreik is a non-binary person who was born in Israeli to a Palestinian parents who are culturally Arab Christians. Manaar is an educator of Trust! Manaar held the Israeli National Championship in her category for seven consecutive years. Manaar was violated in different ways. First was the Palestinian people’s occupation of their native land and their violation in the war of 1948, which led to her having to reconcile her identity and heritage as a modern Israeli. Second was the gender violation when her Middle Eastern family could not accept her as a transgender person. All of these life experiences shaped Manaar and were the impetus for her to move forward as a healer. After six years of living in both Eastern and Western Jerusalem, where she trained in the Waldorf Teaching Training program and taught for three years, Manaar emigrated to Northern California in 2006. There she began to blossom as a teacher, healer, musician, and peace activist.

book Description

The Practice of Trust by Manaar Azreik is helping people liberate themselves from the shackles of their mind so they can heal codependency relationships. To do that they first need to find access to divinity and connect to the voice of their truth. Through somatic body practices we can heal and transform self-harming patterns in our life. Through this book, Azreik aims to motivate readers to learn to overcome all the negativity in their lives by resolving life’s equations. Moreover, the book will guide readers to solve the codependency behavior and self-harming patterns in life and how they can access their authentic voice. This book is for all those who have lost trust in their lives. It will help them heal their pain of separation and enable them to lead a healthier, balanced, and more centered life. The Practice of Trust – Release From The Prison of Your Mind by Manaar Azreik is a part autobiography and part self-help book. It encapsulates Manaar Azreik’s life growing up in a world that refused to understand her.


Being born to the conflict between Israelis and Palestine's. I often say that as a person who lived through this war zone, and used to see the Arab - Jewish conflicts as complicated and all problems and the challenges what the Israeli occupation created is a struggle. Now I feel liberated and I am the voice who hold our solution and the potential peace in the Middle East and in our world. As a Minister for the SOUL, I assist you in navigating this beautiful world we live in with ease, care, and passion and becoming your highest and truest expression of yourself starting NOW! I am a business consultant and a transformation mentor and a song chant leader in Northern CA. People come to me to find their voice but most importantly to discover who they truly are and meant to be in this life. How they can change their lives based on their feelings and the inner world and change their belief system. I will take you on a journey through breathwork, awareness, inner vibration movement, sound therapy, and music healing so you can go deeper into the realm of truth and self-love that you have not touched before.

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