Reveal Blissfulness – 8 Weeks Course


Sufi Medicine Prayer
Focused on The Sound Code At The Heart Of The Arabic Language
Facilitated by Manaar Azreik

Starting Monday, May 16 


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Learn and grow with:

1. The meaning of the 99 Beautiful Names of God /Allah is conveyed by a sound code that is embedded in the grammatical structure of the Arabic language.

2. Open to your creative voice, and your true self, and harness the power of music to heal.


Hey, I am Manaar Azreik, the author of The Practice of Trust Book. 

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As a song chant leader in Northern California, I draw people to me to find their voice. But most importantly, to express their authentic self and discover who they mean to be in this life. 

  1. How can they change their lives based on their feelings and the inner world and change their belief system?
  2. You will take a journey through breath-work, awareness, inner vibration movement, sound therapy, and Sufi music so that you can go deeper into the realm of truth, self-love, and healing. 
  3. I focus on somatic practices, utilizing the power of rhythm to heal the body, mind, heart, and soul.


I am welcoming you into our healing circle!   

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As a Minister for the Soul, I help you to navigate this beautiful world in which we live in with ease, care, and passion. You become your highest and truest expression of yourself, starting NOW!    

Focusing on somatic practices, utilizing the power of rhythm to heal the body, mind, heart, and soul.


 💜 This course is designed for seekers of the heart and it goes along with the Physicians of The Heart book so, you can heal and transform your life through Sound Codding, voice therapy, and rhythms.

I will guide you through the steps of chanting the Sufi Names by utilizing the Sound Code of the Arabic language as you navigate this beautiful world that we live in through inner vibrations, your inner landscape, and your inner beauty!


I’d love to help you to be the best in what you do as:

  • You empower yourself with your inner voice.
  • You free yourself from emotional entanglement.
  • You heal your ancestral wounds with Sufi Prayers.


Here is what we are going to focus on together:

Smiling Manaar Reveal Blissfulness - 8 Weeks Course

I work with 10 participants during this time and the program includes the following:

* 8 Group calls 60 minutes, every Monday evening @ 8 pm on Zoom.

* 4-hour retreat on the 1st Saturday of the month, both on Zoom and in-person.

*  One-on-One session (30 minutes, bi-weekly on Zoom or in-person) with the author Manaar


The cost is $360 

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