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I’m going to show you…  

    • The 4 essential foundations of all highly successful healers
    • How to design, develop & deliver your wholistic programs
    • The best holistic approach to Free your Voice! 
    • Healing methods to nurture group connections & communities 
    • The sacred union within our universe









Clear your energetic field. Stay grounded, and stay connected to mother earth.

  • Open your heart
  • Open your voice 
  • Open your mind


Enter into alignment with the spirit of the land, the need of your community and your heart passion and desire.

Design your program with a design specialist and get clear on what you want to offer?

Kick-starting Your Service-Based Program: 

  • Fundraising software. 
  • Fiscal Sponsorship 501(c)3.
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  • I am dedicated to your beautiful, radiant path of self discovery. 
  • Helping you find the voice that wants to be born within & reborn through you, & to know the truth of who you really are. 
  • Living authentically with no apology will lead you to live the harmonious way. 
 Here are the most recent service based programs that Manaar birthed and delivering in Northern CA.
        Energy Balancing 
  • This practice moves the energy in our bodies in ways, which allows us to explore the entire experience of presence. This practice directly connects us with our physical, emotional, and mental components. 
  • _________________________________________________________
Transformation by Fire serves people in California who have been impacted by fire and other natural disasters. We assist people in rising from the ashes by healing the invisible wounds of trauma, through live music, movement, meditation, breath-work and community connections. We hold retreats and healing events in Sonoma, Lake and Napa Counties monthly. 
Northern CA
The Forest Garden is an educational and healing project that offers Classes and Workshops, will invite the seeker to learn about gardening, ecological habitats, and the essential roles plants play in our lives by attending classes and hands-on events in the garden. Rejuvenate yourself with restorative experiences such as Forest Bathing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga and Massage.
Sonoma County, CA 
Therapeutic Movement and Sound-Healing 
We offer a sacred space for healing, there will be elements of sound healing, music, chanting, dance, and Breema movements
Breema is a practical approach to Self-understanding which harmonizes body, mind, and feelings in a joyful atmosphere. _________________
Lake County, CA
Rhythmical Ecstasy Dance


Gives you an opportunity to connect deeper to your inner rhythm and movement. 

As you will be able to dance freely and joyously, going beyond the limitation of body and mind.
Lake County, CA


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