Live Event!

A Circle For Healing

Weekly Community Event with Manaar Azreik


 Tuesday, May 24

Let the Music Heal Your Soul

From 7 – 9:00 pm at Ner Shalom

85 La Plaza, Cotati  

Prayer – Group Connection – Drum – Music Healing – Song Chants

Manaar will lead a healing circle with an intention to get in touch with our bodies and minds and to become resilient!


♥  Increase your capacity to thrive in the face of significant trauma 

♥  Develop problem-solving skills

♥ Experience greater Wholeness in a supportive atmosphere 


Manaars Offerings on Tuesdays from 7 9 pm at Ner Shalom Live Event!

In this gathering we will:

1. Warm-up: Open to breath

2. Improvisation: Free your inner voice and sound with ease 

3. Sacred Chant: Enter the sacred heart with Sufi Song-Chanting

Sliding-Scale $25-$45

Healthy snacks and tea will be provided



Space is limited! 

Musical instruments are welcomed & some will be provided.

(No musical experience necessary).  

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