Manaar’s Gifts

Manaar’s expresses her gifts through a powerful transmission of synchronized magic with drumming, voice, and soul dancing as well as her work as a Waldorf teacher. Through her drumming, tuning, and chanting you enter a live field, which provides energetic clearing for YOU and the collective. You will deepen your experience with guided meditation, drumming, singing, movement, dance, community, and connection. This is an invitation to birth yourself in the present moment, in the middle of what you are doing right now!!!

Manaar holds an energetic presence that reminds people how to choose a joyous alternative even in the moment of hardship.

Her latest inventions are named below:

  • Transformation by Fire is an organization that offers Healing and Recovering services from natural disasters.
  • Let the Music Heal Your SoulA Healing Circle through the power of your creative voice

Click below to listen to a 9 & 1/2 minute of audio, which is the beginning of an experience that Manaar leads in her circles.


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