The voice beneath the surface, can hold your successful future.

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Open To The Impossible Retreat!

A Healing Session with Live Musicians

Through chanting, song, and sound healing you’ll embody practices allowing you to drop beneath the distraction of your mind to the infinite
reservoir of creative possibility within.

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Saturday, December 17 with Manaar & Sahar

From 11 am – 3:30 pm 

At a beautiful residential home, in Penngrove, CA

Organic lunch and healthy snacks will be served

Sliding-scale $60 – $180 

Please RSVP!   707-971-1226 

PAYPAL  event@wholisticsolutions.org

The event address will be provided upon RSVP!

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The Online Medicine Prayer events from Tuesdays – Thursdays are and will continue to be free and available to all. However, if you are able and feel moved to help during this time we thank you for your support. Click here to make an offering to help support Manaar and her team via PayPal, Venmo, Check, or Credit Card. 

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Hello and good day to you!! 

I’m delighted to introduce myself to you. I would like to offer you the fruits of my training and experience in healing the complexities of life. 

Meet Your Center 
 A guide to your well-being 
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Manaar is a licensed Sound Healer, from the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS, (2009).

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Meet Your Center is a special love offering that will guide you to a healthy, balanced and centered place. I know you will benefit greatly from reading it.

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Empowerment work with Manaar
I help you design a service based program that is in alignment with your heart desire, and passion.

See Testimonials page:

” Knowing Manaar is an absolute blessing in my Life, and I feel this work she is doing is divinely inspired. Listening to her sing has uplifted me immensely, moving me from distress to delight, and her integrity is impeccable. She is a true healer. “                                                                                                             Chetana J. Karel Voice Actress 


” I arrived at Manaar’s circle, I’d like to say by chance; but then nothing is by chance. For almost 3 years I’ve been in a lot of emotional pain on multiple levels. I don’t know how I was continuing to function.
Manaar had me focus on my body, my emotions and on my pain. She asked me to try to vocalize what I was feeling. I was scared but she gave me permission and the courage to do it. I used my voice, which has always been timid and shy, to vocalize my pain. I put my pain into my voice. It started weak, slow, soft and timid. Then it began to shift and became firmer, bolder, louder and fuller. I completely let go and surrendered. A raw guttural sound erupted from ever cell and from the depth of my being.
It was a total and all encompassing pain releasing. My sound went on and on…long long, long. I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken a breathe for an unbelievable amount of time. I released! It was beyond any experience I’ve ever had…if that makes sense. I was completely drained but good drained.
I was relaxed, centered and grounded in my body. I’ve been able to continue to carry this feeling with me. The day after, my birthday, I spent alone. I was o.k and I am o.k. This experience has been transformational …” 
                                                                        Donna/ Santa Rosa, CA 

“ I saw a compassionate teacher, Manaar, reached out selflessly and encourage and draw out the gold that was waiting to be worked into a crown of authentic being,.. A song that was awaiting within, to be sung by a shy soul who afterwards bathed in the sunshine of self discovery. This same experience I witnessed at a similar event a week earlier, witnessed in my best friend Bill who was empowered by Manaar’s invitation to release the life song of his heart.”                                  

                                                                         Bruce Pearson/ Santa Rosa, CA                                                                                Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner