Greetings! My name is Manaar Azreik. My mission is to create sacred spaces and share my holistic approach to healing through music. 

Explore, and discover the power of music to heal.

  • I am dedicated to the beautiful, radiant path of self discovery. Helping you find the voice that wants to be born within you, reborn through you, and know the truth of who you really are. 
  • Living authentically today with no apology will lead you to live the harmonious way. My emphasis is on somatic practice that enables holistic transformation through body awareness, breath, movement and sound.

Complementary consultation to talk about what you’re looking for! Contact Manaar:

Empowerment work with Manaar
I help you design a service based program that is in alignment with your heart desire, and passion.


” Knowing Manaar is an absolute blessing in my Life, and I feel this work she is doing is divinely inspired. Listening to her sing has uplifted me immensely, moving me from distress to delight, and her integrity is impeccable. She is a true healer. ”  

                                                                                  Chetana J. Karel Voice Actress 

 “ I saw a compassionate teacher, Manaar, reached out selflessly and encourage and draw out the gold that was waiting to be worked into a crown of authentic being,.. A song that was awaiting within, to be sung by a shy soul who afterwards bathed in the sunshine of self discovery. This same experience I witnessed at a similar event a week earlier, witnessed in my best friend Bill who was empowered by Manaar’s invitation to release the life song of his heart.”                                                                

                                                                           Bruce Pearson/ Santa Rosa, CA                                                                           Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner


      Soulful Music Circle is an opportunity to join with community. Together we create something as unique as each one of us. The energy of the group is what creates the music. We will chant, call-and-response, do sing-a-longs, and create group improvisation. Spirit will guide us. Please bring YOUR unique presence to this week’s gathering. Musical instruments are welcomed and some will be provided. We would love to see you.

To learn more info’ Manaar’s work, visit the service page and you can also contact her directly:


Soulful Music CircleLomitas Center

Join Us Ever Friday:

  • Coming up August 23rd and August 30th 
  • 8:15 – 9:45 p.m. 

       Address: 2421 Lomitas Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

  • Sliding Scale $25 – $35 or love offering

      Scholarships are available. Please email (before the event) if you need one.