The voice beneath the surface, can hold your successful future.

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I want to gift you my next Retreat as part of the monthly transformation day. 
❤️  Love Springing Forth  ❤️  2:30 – 7 pm
Saturday, April 8, 
Saturday, April 22nd,
At a beautiful retreat home in Penngrove. 
Veg’ dinner & healthy snacks will be provided. 
A donation will be gladly accepted.
RSVP text / call 707-971-1226
Please let me know if you have any questions or dietary needs.  
I trust you will be able to join us. 
 With deep gratitude for your journey.  ❤️
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Meet Your Center is a special love offering that will guide you to a healthy, balanced and centered place. I know you will benefit greatly from reading it.

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I’m delighted to introduce myself to you. I would like to offer you the fruits of my training and experience in healing the complexities of life

Meet Your Center 
 A guide to your well-being 
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Manaar is a licensed Sound Healer, from the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS, (2009).

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” Knowing Manaar is an absolute blessing in my Life, and I feel this work she is doing is divinely inspired. Listening to her sing has uplifted me immensely, moving me from distress to delight, and her integrity is impeccable. She is a true healer. “                                                                                                             Chetana J. Karel Voice Actress 


” I arrived at Manaar’s circle, I’d like to say by chance; but then nothing is by chance. For almost 3 years I’ve been in a lot of emotional pain on multiple levels. I don’t know how I was continuing to function.
Manaar had me focus on my body, my emotions and on my pain. She asked me to try to vocalize what I was feeling. I was scared but she gave me permission and the courage to do it. I used my voice, which has always been timid and shy, to vocalize my pain. I put my pain into my voice. It started weak, slow, soft and timid. Then it began to shift and became firmer, bolder, louder and fuller. I completely let go and surrendered. A raw guttural sound erupted from ever cell and from the depth of my being.
It was a total and all encompassing pain releasing. My sound went on and on…long long, long. I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken a breathe for an unbelievable amount of time. I released! It was beyond any experience I’ve ever had…if that makes sense. I was completely drained but good drained.
I was relaxed, centered and grounded in my body. I’ve been able to continue to carry this feeling with me. The day after, my birthday, I spent alone. I was o.k and I am o.k. This experience has been transformational …” 
                                                                        Donna/ Santa Rosa, CA 

“ I saw a compassionate teacher, Manaar, reached out selflessly and encourage and draw out the gold that was waiting to be worked into a crown of authentic being,.. A song that was awaiting within, to be sung by a shy soul who afterwards bathed in the sunshine of self discovery. This same experience I witnessed at a similar event a week earlier, witnessed in my best friend Bill who was empowered by Manaar’s invitation to release the life song of his heart.”                                  

                                                                         Bruce Pearson/ Santa Rosa, CA                                                                                Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner