Greetings! My name is Manaar Azreik. My mission is to: 

  1. Create sacred spaces and share diverse healing methods for our community.  
  2. Share my holistic approach to sound healing and chant song.
  3. Help you find your inner calling and inner beautiful voice. 


Explore and discover the power of music to heal.

  • I am dedicated to your beautiful, radiant path of self discovery. Helping you find the voice that wants to be born within you, and reborn through you, and to know the truth of who you really are. Living authentically today with no apology will lead you to live the harmonious way. 

My emphasis is on somatic practice that enables holistic transformation through body awareness, breath, movement and sound.


Manaar’s next Music Circle will be next Friday, December 6, 2019

Discover the Curative Power of Sound 

Join Us, Every Friday with Manaar! 

8:00 – 9:30 pm

At Lomitas Center, Santa Rosa

Sing Your Loving Voice. Hear Your Deepest Calling!!!

Manaar expresses her gifts through a powerful transmission of synchronized magic with drumming, voice and soul dancing as well as her work as a Waldorf teacher. Through her drumming, tuning and chanting you enter a live field, which provides energetic clearing for YOU and the collective. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

      Scholarships are available, please email support@wholisticsolutions.org

Email before the event if you need one.



Life Force Cultivation – Workshop

With Jim Weaver and Manaar Azreik

The ancient art of Qigong 
Come learn how access the universal life force (Qi). Develop the ability to drop stress quickly and build your energy reserves. Connect with energy of nature. Consisting of slow gentle movement deep breathing and visualization, I share with you easy but powerful tools you can take home and start using right away to improve your health and well being.
In this event, we create a healing space that is safe, positive, dynamic and consciously crafted to support you and our group experience at all stages of their voice opening and connect with energy of nature

Join us on Saturday, December 28

  • Lomitas Center       
  • Address: 2421 Lomitas Ave, Santa Rosa

      Scholarships are available, please email:


Email before the event if you need one. For details call Manaar 707-971-1226

Complementary consultation to talk about what you’re looking for! 

Contact the founder Manaar 707-971-1226 or Clients@WholisticSolutions.org

Empowerment work with Manaar
I help you design a service based program that is in alignment with your heart desire, and passion.


” Knowing Manaar is an absolute blessing in my Life, and I feel this work she is doing is divinely inspired. Listening to her sing has uplifted me immensely, moving me from distress to delight, and her integrity is impeccable. She is a true healer. “                                                                                                                                      Chetana J. Karel Voice Actress 


” I arrived at Manaar’s circle, I’d like to say by chance; but then nothing is by chance. For almost 3 years I’ve been in a lot of emotional pain on multiple levels. I don’t know how I was continuing to function.
Manaar had me focus on my body, my emotions and on my pain. She asked me to try to vocalize what I was feeling. I was scared but she gave me permission and the courage to do it. I used my voice, which has always been timid and shy, to vocalize my pain. I put my pain into my voice. It started weak, slow, soft and timid. Then it began to shift and became firmer, bolder, louder and fuller. I completely let go and surrendered. A raw guttural sound erupted from ever cell and from the depth of my being.
It was a total and all encompassing pain releasing. My sound went on and on…long long, long. I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken a breathe for an unbelievable amount of time. I released! It was beyond any experience I’ve ever had…if that makes sense. I was completely drained but good drained.
I was relaxed, centered and grounded in my body. I’ve been able to continue to carry this feeling with me. The day after, my birthday, I spent alone. I was o.k and I am o.k. This experience has been transformational …” 
                                                                        Donna/ Santa Rosa, CA 

“ I saw a compassionate teacher, Manaar, reached out selflessly and encourage and draw out the gold that was waiting to be worked into a crown of authentic being,.. A song that was awaiting within, to be sung by a shy soul who afterwards bathed in the sunshine of self discovery. This same experience I witnessed at a similar event a week earlier, witnessed in my best friend Bill who was empowered by Manaar’s invitation to release the life song of his heart.”                                  

                                                                         Bruce Pearson/ Santa Rosa, CA                                                                                Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner


      Our Circles and Events  are an opportunity to join with community. Together we create something as unique as each one of us. The energy of the group is what creates the music. We will chant, call-and-response, do sing-a-longs, and create group improvisation. Spirit will guide us. Please bring YOUR unique presence to this week’s gathering. Musical instruments are welcomed and some will be provided. We would love to see you.

To learn more info’ Manaar’s work, visit the service page and you can also contact her directly: