Retreat with Manaar

A Day-Long Retreat with Manaar Azreik


  • What is your service work in this world? 
  • How do you want to heal with your service?
  • What you love doing is worthy of your investment.


Are you interested in transforming your work and your life? If so, we can start a conversation on how to assist you in the best way I know how to support your soul’s evolution. This process will take us through all the components we need for a successful launch:


  • Setting your level of commitment
  • Earth Connector – grounding practices
  • Enter into alignment
  • Designing your service work
  • Writing your compelling message

The benefit of this approach is that each area picks up where you are and levels up. Each “module” relies on the previous module. As all areas rise, the business “rises”. 

Even if you are clear about a certain part of the process, it is always good to revisit. And that is the strategy I recommend for continued growth and resilience.

In addition, I will introduce some helpful ways to view certain aspects of business in a different light. Some ideas (but not limited to) are:



  • The power of clearing your energy field – open your heart, your voice, and your mind. 
  • Enter the void method
  • Listening to the spirit of the land
  • The space in between
  • Bridging the gaps with sacred geometry
  • Client-centric program design
  • Self-confidence


See you soon … ◊

Manaar Azreik