I am an educator of Trust!

I am a soul-centered transformation mentor. I lead humanity to a true realization of the divine self. Utilizing spiritual body awareness from the expressive art field like dance, vocalize inner rhythms, gentle movement, sacred music, and drums.


I am kinda devoted to freedom, connection, and healing. Helping people to live their truth and fulfill a passion, to find support within themselves and claim theirs. I am very skilled at:

  • Breaking you free of your fears.
  • Getting you out of procrastination.
  • Moving you into confidence.
  • Raising your self-worth.
  • Supporting you with love.
  • Kicking your ass when you need it.
  • And helping you create life on your terms…


In a fun, connected, and fulfilling way!


About Me …

I express my gifts through a powerful transmission of synchronized magic with drumming, voice, and soul dancing as well as I work as a Waldorf teacher. Through my drumming, tuning, and chanting you enter a live field, which provides energetic clearing for YOU and the collective. You will deepen your experience with guided meditation, drumming, singing, movement, dance, community, and connection. This is an invitation to birth yourself in the present moment, in the middle of what you are doing right now!!!

I hold an energetic presence that reminds people how to choose a joyous alternative even in the moment of hardship. My latest invention is named Transformation by Fire, an organization that offers Healing and Recovery services in natural disaster areas.

Energetically Manaar helps you dust off the old, so you can have a clearer vision. She invites the seeker to explore energy awareness, inner vibrational movements, and sound to naturally birth what wants to be set free within yourself; helping you see in a new way, in a different way than you didn’t know existed for you.

Manaar Azreik’s resume:

  1. A published author, The Practice of Trust Book (November 2023).
  2. Graduate of the NxLevel Entrepreneurial Training Program (SBA 2020, CA).
  3. Graduate of the Center of Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM 2019, CA).
  4. Certified, Sound Healer, at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS 2009, San Francisco).
  5. Certified, Dialogue for Peace Facilitator, Beer-Sheva University, (2004, Israel).
  6. Graduate, David Yellin College of Education, a Waldorf teacher, (Jerusalem 2004, Israel).
  7. Certified Self-Defence trainer (Wingete Institute, Tel-Aviv 1999, Israel).
  8. Seven times national Israeli Judo champion, and a black belt (Tel-Aviv Years 87-1994, Israel).
  9. Certified, Judo trainer (Wingete Institute, Tel-Aviv 1992, Israel).