Sufi S.A.M Community, San Francisco


8:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Join Manaar Azreik &

Musician Friends
410 Precita Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110
Prayer – Group Connection – Drum – Music Healing – Song Chanting – Enhance your voice and join the community.
In this gathering, we will:
  • Warm-upOpen to your breath and body connection
  • Improvisation: Free your inner voice and sound with ease
  • Sacred Chant: Enter the sacred heart with Sufi Song-Chanting

Manaar Azreik will be leading a circle of drumming, toning, and chanting prayers from the Sufi Medicine Prayer other sacred traditions. 

Manaar is a certified sound healer from the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS, SF. She led empowerment circles through music healing in Northern California for since 2006.

You are invited to join the healing circle and experience a unique process.

  • This process supports your body and mind in achieving a relaxed state, encouraging you to open your voice and sing your heart into a life of trust. 💕🙏
We are looking forward to welcoming you Shukran شكرا
Donations are gladly appreciated

Skukrann Jazelann – شكرا جزيلا            Thank you very much

See you soon…