Manaar’s First Album!!

Welcome friends, family and loved ones to my fundraising campaign

I was born to sing and am now taking a big step toward my dream of healing and inspiring the world through the power of chanting prayers. I sing based on the Sound Code at the Heart of the Arabic Language. I’m humbled by the opportunity to share my unique gifts. This journey in rebirthing the Arabic genres (Mawal and Sufi Music) calls me to produce my first album, and I need your help. If you feel inspired to contribute please do so HEREFrom the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your care, blessings, and love . Shukran Jazilan.  (Manar Azreik)

I appreciate receiving your love donations

Listen to my 1st Song from the Nuraan نوراً Album

Would you like to see more of my work please click videos below: