Letter of Engagement

 2019 – 2020


Transformation Work With Manaar – 4 Months Program



Dear Client,

Thank you for considering working with me. I set a timeline of 4 months for this process. We’ll use the following framework to establish a strategy to support your soul calling and beautiful vision to enhance your life. Assisting you in moving from where you are now into the life of your dreams. The process will take us through all the components we need for success: 


  • Setting your vision (Have a clear vision)
  • Decide what you want!
  • What are your goals?
  • Explore the energy of my book – The Practice of Trust book, (5 – 10 minutes a day).
  • Set the brain to what you want to see.

The benefit of this approach is that each area picks up where you are and levels up. Each “module” relies on the previous module. As all areas rise, your life will “rises”. Even if you are clear about a certain part of the process, it is always good to revisit. 




    • The power of goal setting and vision
    • Heal with your inner voice
    • Body speaks 
    • Transcending limitations
    • Resonance in business


  • The difference between your voice of soul and the sound of your body.
  • Harmony – How to weave your dream into a pattern of existence?
  • Self-confidence – Meet Your Center (PDF) – Manaar Azreik’s Booklet.



  • Value time
  • I always show up for truth
  • I am willing to look at myself and receive feedback
  • Mind-Master – Affirmation




  • On board strategy call to set goals, benchmarks, and our roadmap
  • A guided process to achieve desired results
  • Monthly VIP – Two hours session (in person or zoom call)
  • Weekly, one-on-one 45 min. Private meeting (in person) or Zoom Meetings to discuss solutions and implementation.
  • Twice a week 15 minutes support calls.
  • Open invitation to my Music Circles anywhere in Northern CA. (for 4 months).
  • Unlimited access to workbooks, guides, methods and anything else I have and you want.


Total is 8 hours a month


As much as possible I match your scheduling requirements. Once a week between 45 and 60 minutes is generally sufficient but I am certainly open to other models.

During our onboarding call, we will confirm a repeating time and weekday. Sometimes changes will be necessary on both sides and that is ok.



  • A clear strategy toward an established vision
  • A deep understanding of the power of healing with your inner voice
  • A deep understanding of The Practice of Trust method- To exit codependency 
  • An established strategy to support your process of moving forward. 


My Goal

My goal is to get us to the finish line, whatever it takes. The finish line is what we establish as your initial goal towards reaching your potential. The goal is primarily to put you on a trajectory for growth by having a clear vision and strategy on how to get there. Different people’s timeline may vary, some experience results immediately and others need to have sustained effort to see change. 

Every person is different. Circumstances and events vary. It is important that at every step of the way you feel that you are getting value for your investment. Honest feedback is important for this process. In order to maximize the benefit, please let me know if any of the methods are not resonating.

Payment – Full price is $3,000 and the 32 hours for the entire program!

However, if you pay it in full you will receive $536 discount. 

Take Advantage of this offer! 
Payment Schedule 
Weekly Monthly Four Months 
$179 ($136 discount) $699 ($204 discount) $2464 ($536 discount)

Accepted Payment Methods: 


  • Paypal 
  • Check 
  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit 



I respect your confidential and proprietary information. 

I am so excited for you!!!


For any question you may have please call me 707-971-1226


Manaar Azreik