“Manaar is both artist and conductor of the drum. Her unique and heart centered style brings everyone in the circle, to the center of their soul. She embodies a “Safe Space” so that others can relax into their own unique, expressive talents and gifts. Everyone feels included and more rhythmic from the grounded direction of Manaar an experience to nurture your soul for sure”.

~ Sequoia Lyn-James – Covelo, CA


“Manaar is a wonderful human Being; she is whole hearted and generous in body, heart and Soul, sharing her gifts unconditionally with others. She brings aliveness to every situation. Her laughter lights up the darkest places of the psyche and her gift of song, dance and music help others to connect with the natural rhythm of their soul”.

~ Rajyo Allen – Asheville, N. Carolina


“What a joy it was to drop in to Manaar’s drum circle in the Temple at Harbin Hot Springs.

Her exuberant presence and steady holding brought many novice drummers into immediate centered harmony.

The way she created synchronized magic—drumming, voice and dance—was a pleasure to behold and (even better) so incredibly satisfying to be a part of. She had me leading call and response chanting, something I didn’t even know I had in me. She is a true creator of surprise!”

~ Bella Dreizier – Sacramento, CA

Physical Therapist, 5 Rhythms Teacher


“Rhythmical Ecstasy is a dream come true for me. I have been longing to find friends who love ecstatic song and dance as much as I do for many years. It is miraculous to me how the universe can create the perfect answer to the longings of my heart. I am so grateful to Manaar and the other ecstatic musicians and dancers involved in this project for welcoming me and nourishing me so sweetly. My experiences participating in and helping to develop this offering with Manar has ignited a deep welling up of joy within me. Finally a place to sing and dance to my heart’s content.”

~ Sama MorningStar – Middletown, CA


“Rhythmical Ecstasy Dance with Manaar was spirit full and Divine. It gave me an opportunity to connect deep to my inner rhythm and movement and be able to dance freely and joyously, going beyond the limitation of body and mind. I would definitely like to go back to future events. Blessings”.


~ Nazila Hatami – Los-Angeles, CA

Psychotherapist and Sufi Dance Teacher


“ Manaar is a wonderful leader who, with a soft touch, invited participants to explore sound, beginning with our own breath, with body awareness, with our hands as instruments. We moved to song and then to drumming art a pace that enabled each of us to explore without concern there was a “right” or “wrong” to what we were doing. By the end of the session we were drumming, dancing and freely expressing ourselves in song. I appreciate the way Manaar brings her talent as a teacher, a musician and a mentor to the process. She drew upon her multi-cultural background to bring us a sense of the cultures of the Middle East without limiting us to any one tradition. That, in itself, is healing”.

 ~ Nancy Margulies – Montara, CA 

Consultant, Author, Instructor


“ Knowing Manaar is an absolute blessing in my Life, and I feel this work she is doing is divinely inspired. Listening to her sing has uplifted me immensely, moving me from distress to delight, and her integrity is impeccable. She is a true healer.”   

Chetana J. Karel – Berkeley, CA


“ I saw a compassionate teacher, Manaar, reach out selflessly and encourage and draw out the gold that was waiting to be worked into a crown of authentic being,.. A song that was awaiting within, to be sung by a shy soul who afterwards bathed in the sunshine of self discovery. This same experience I witnessed at a similar event a week earlier, witnessed in my best friend Bill who was empowered by Manaar’s invitation to release the life song of his heart.”     

Bruce Pearson – Santa Rosa, CA